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  2. Some excellent photos here Gary. Particularly enjoy Sunset at Mcway Fall. keep it up!

  3. I love your work Gary…and your humility and willingness to share your information. YOU are someone I respect!

  4. Just love this series of your work Gary and if I had to pick a favourite it would be ‘Bristlecone star trails’ Hmm…but then again there was your interpretation of ‘Antelope canyon’ which is a pretty stunning image, maybe I will just settle for liking the whole album :0)

  5. אני נפעמת מהגלריה כל תמונה היא עולם שאפשר לשבת שעה ולהסתכל
    אתה אומן בנפשך אתה רגיש ומצליח להעביר ולהנציח את השניה כאילו זה העולם.ואוווו

  6. i have watched every one of your photo in facebook and i admire you so much. your creativity and your perspective is outstanding.

  7. You have picked the best of the best and captured Gods beautiful creations. Fantastic ! I wish I could have just a little of your gift. Keep it up. Would love to have them all

  8. This collection of images is, by far, the most breathtaking I’ve seen! I have enjoyed your gift for many years and your talent has inspired and motivated me to strive to become a better photographer! I thoroughly enjoyed scrolling through each and every one of these images!

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