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My relationship with Yosemite goes back to before I can remember. One thing all these years of visiting has taught me is that each season, Yosemite becomes a completely different park. That’s why each of my Yosemite photo workshops is scheduled for my own favorite times to photograph there.


Me, waiting for the next glacier

Spring: Spring is when Yosemite’s waterfalls boom, and wildflowers and dogwood bloom. It’s also when the breathtaking moonbow arcs across Yosemite Falls.

Autumn: In autumn Yosemite’s many deciduous trees  reflect in the Merced River and color the valley floor, and a full moon rises above Yosemite Valley.

Winter: Yosemite is never more spectacular than when it’s covered with fresh snow. And each February, when all the conditions align, Horsetail Fall puts on its

Summer: Summer is for the tourists. (No workshops.)

Yosemite Photo Workshops

Gary Hart workshop group at Tunnel View, Yosemite

Yosemite through the Seasons

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