Mt. Eglinton, Mirror Lakes, New Zealand

Gary Hart Photography: Mt. Eglinton, Mirror Lakes, New Zealand

2 Comments on “Mt. Eglinton, Mirror Lakes, New Zealand

  1. I have stopped here 3 times. The first time I was on a bus trip and could not ding my wide angle lens in the bottom of my bag, so I had to work with the mid-range lens. The result was still cool. I framed the reflection only, and as a print people ask if it is hanging upside down. That’s how good the reflection is. On my next trip, I was driving and had all the time and lenses I needed but the weather was cloudy and foggy. No dice. I did, however, take lots of amazing photos in other locations on the road to Milford Sound and in locations in and around Milford Sound (the fjord). It is my favorite photo location in the world. Even if I didn’t make photos, it would still rank up there!

    • Funny you should pick this image, Cathy. This one is from last year, but the workshop group just shot this scene about an hour ago. We drove by our planned sunrise spot in the dark because it was foggy at Lake Te Anau and drove straight to Mirror Lakes. When we arrived the first light was just kissing the peaks, the moon was setting directly behind them, and it was all reflected like a mirror at our feet. It was absolutely gorgeous, exactly the kind of moonset I pride myself in plotting for my workshop groups, except this time it was a total fluke. So fortunate—everyone is still buzzing.

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