Moonlight, Garrapata Beach, Big Sur

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5 Comments on “Moonlight, Garrapata Beach, Big Sur

  1. I like this shot. The exposure is perfect, a dark sky against a full moon with its reflection and a clean frothy wave around the sharp rocks. I assume a split filter was used to darken the sky and water. If I may make one suggestion, I would not put the moon and its reflection smack in the center, but a little bit to either side.

    • Of course you can’t move the moon, but you can move a few feel to the side and point the camera a little bit to place the moon in the frame. But I was not there to judge if that would have made a difference, I would have tried it nonetheless. Thanks for replying.

      • Sorry Sabry, my comment was tongue in cheek (I really didn’t think you believed I could move the moon), but since you’re not laughing, I’ll explain. I tried this scene with the moon in several positions in the frame, but ultimately chose this composition because of the arrangement of the rocks——moving left or right would have rearranged their relationship in a manner that I found much less appealing. I always appreciate your comments and hope my original reply didn’t offend.

      • Dear Gary,

        I am not offended in the least. I thought about what you just said, and wondered if moving a bit to either side would eliminate the rocks from the shot. Your answer is justified.

        Hope to join you in Grand Canyon.

        Best wishes


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