Poppy Pastel, Sierra Foothills, California

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4 Comments on “Poppy Pastel, Sierra Foothills, California

  1. one of the things I love about your photos Gary is that they can look unreal. The colors in this photo are so ridiculously fresh and vibrant, they look otherworldly. I think you have a phenomenal eye for the intrinsic beauty within nature that they can look unreal, but they are not – they are beautifully real. Keep up the great work Gary. Love the blogs too.

    • Thanks, Sean. I’ve always felt that a photographer’s objective shouldn’t be to merely duplicate human reality, it should be to expand it.

  2. Had Laura Ashley seen this, many of the little girls of England could have been resplendent in springtime dresses adorned with a Gary Hart print… redolent of “nature’s reality”.

  3. This has to be one of the most beautiful pictures that I’ve ever seen! I love the blending of the blues and greens , with the pop of yellow. This picture takes me to a very peaceful place! Thank you!

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