Favorite: Day’s End, Ke’e Beach, Hawaii

Day's End, Ke'e Beach, Hawaii

Day’s End, Ke’e Beach, Hawaii
Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III
3/5 seconds
ISO 200
17 mm

On this Thanksgiving weekend, the next installment in my semi-regular Favorites series is an image that, every time I look at it, reminds me of my good fortune for being able to do what I do.

*   *    *

I photographed this sunset scene on Ke’e Beach on Hawaii’s northernmost island, Kauai (while co-leading Don Smith’s Kauai workshop). I love this image for the way it conveys Hawaii’s tranquility far better than any words can. As Hawaii sunsets go, there really wasn’t anything particularly special about this one. Instead, I like to think that this image works not because of the vivid color or iconic landscape that everyone loves, but because the absence of all that drama so effectively reflects the peace we all seek. The equilibrium between Hawaii’s water, wind, and warmth, and the relaxed pace this equilibrium inspires in all who live or visit here, so thoroughly dilutes life’s pain and anxiety, that the balance of the Universe becomes instantly clear.

8 Comments on “Favorite: Day’s End, Ke’e Beach, Hawaii

  1. Do you have prints available for purchase of this specific image? I’m on a mobile and am not seeing an option for purchase.

  2. What do I think? I think I can’t wait to return to my beloved Garden Isle next summer! It’s been a long 3 year hiatus, and now I actually know how to take a photograph…yeah. This is a lovely image of an even lovelier spot. Very surprised you managed to find a window with no people in the frame!…Ke’e is pretty popular, the heaiau there is a very sacred place in Hawaiian culture. Kauai is a feast for the soul, a bandaid for your heart and it’s magic stays with you long after you’ve left her shores…. you are indeed lucky to return each year and share this lovely island with your students. In the meantime, I will assuage my dreams of Kauai with your lovely images…

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